"The Sea People was a nice jaunt through a past version of science fiction. In my mind I could picture the bulky ‘space man’ suits of vintage sci-fi magazines with their round sides and fins.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of old sci-fi."

-JZ Foster, author of Witch Hunter and Reality Bleeds

First publication in any form since 1959.

Ria Faradey, a powerful infinite-distance telepath.

Dick MacCaishe, a Spaceman permanently crippled in the line of duty.

Leader Himu, a sombre and determined Silverman, Guardian of Skywash.

The League Science Department wants Ria for their breeding program, to advance the development of humanity.

For one woman's freedom, Dick and Leader will dare a secret assault on the Science Department, defy their fearsome Machines, and even rouse the Great Ancestors of the Skywash Deeps.

For one woman's love, all of Skywash will go to war.

Praise for Diane Detzer's The Sea People

"The Sea People has the uncomplicated earnestness I love in stories from that era. Just fun reading." 

- Kerry Nietz,  author of L0st B1ts

"The Sea People is about a man rediscovering his humanity through his relationship with aliens who are more human than he is. I can't think of another book that so clearly has a message of the importance of suffering and the danger of being comfortable. The book is a bold call to leave our comfort zones and take action on behalf of those in need." - Jonathan Cooper, co-creator of The Starman Saga

“Diane Detzer's 'The Sea People' epitomizes classic science fiction, blending big, inventive ideas with relatable characters. The story unfolds in a futuristic world, delivered through prose that pulses in perfect time with its heartfelt narrative. This touching, personal tale is an interstellar rocket ride well worth the journey." - J.S. Earls, creator of Pistolfist and SUPERSONIC Pod Comics

"The Sea People was first published in 1959 under the pen name Adam Lukens. In some ways, the book reads very much as a novel of its time, such as a distant narrator, but in other ways it feels very timeless. The book features important science fiction elements that I enjoy, such as a strange world, interesting aliens, and mysterious phenomenon, wrapped up in an adventure story. I was intrigued by the idea of an infinite distance telepath, and was quietly awed by the unknown and creepy ancestors." - Adam David Collings, author of Jewel of the Stars

Definitely an intriguing story that keeps you turning pages. Diane Detzer has created a main character with the depth to make us invest in his struggle to reclaim his humanity back from years as a burnt-out soldier. And the characters helping him on that road are unique, diverse, and lifelike even in their alien forms. An enjoyable read that takes us to far flung, imaginative worlds!" - Catherine Gruben Smith, author of Ravens Ruins

"The story and characters come from a simpler time in science fiction. It makes for light, entertaining reading but may not capture the imagination of some modern SF fans. Characters, locations, and tech are described enough to allow the reader to expand the universe of the novel in their mind. The Sea People will give you a nice “sci-fi” fix without asking you to trod through entire chapters of descriptive text." - John Wilkerson, Struggling for Purpose

First publication in any form since 1960.

Jievette Carpenter, heiress from the star colonies. Widowed survivor of year-long captivity by savage alien humanoids.

Kris-4, a reclaimed man. Immortal. Enslaved in body and mind by the immortality process.

The Playmates, the hedonistic social elite of Earth.

The Body Salvage Company is the number one producer of reclaimed men-dead who have been preserved and reprogrammed. Their products never sicken or age. They never grow old. And they never again die. They are the once-human slaves of the Playmates.

When Jievette inherits Kris-4 as part of her aunt's estate, she determines to help him regain his own mind and his own freedom. She's prepared to defy the power of the Playmates to save him.

Perhaps if she can heal his spirit, she can begin to repair her own fractured soul.

First publication in any form since 1961.

Barbara McGillicuddy, sister of Tom Gill the intergalactically famous film star. Chafing under the strictures of family and modern society.

George Adrian, time-lost werewolf. The Lone One forced into the leadership of a pack desperate for purpose.

Trapped in stasis for more than a thousand years, George and his pack find themselves thrust into a new world of high technology and regimented society. When an abrupt murder draws the attention of Police Captain Warhaus to their presence, the pack sends out a call to all of their kind still in the world.

Hunted by the police of White Gold City, the pack flees into the mountains near Tom Gill's land. Suddenly, their choices in this new world look a lot like their choices in the old. They can find a new life in the Star Colonies ... if the murderer among them lets them get there alive.

First publication in any form since 1962.

Garth Oberlung. The Wizard. Carnival performer extraordinaire.

Elizabeth Marvin. An unregistered Perceptive. Low classification and unemployable.

Confined to a permeable chamber for his very survival, Garth has driven himself to build a Carnival show unlike any other in the galaxy. Every night The Wizard risks his life to the astonishment of audiences throughout the Intergalactic League. Every performance he dances with death – a climax someone in his troupe is determined to ensure. 

Entranced by the driven and charismatic Carny, Elizabeth spends all of her time by his side. His dark visions frighten her. His desperate desire for one true friend calls to her. The Wizard wears his isolation like armor, for who could love a man in a glass cage?